For the past 26 years, ESIGETEL has created a name for itself through its expertise in IT and successfully fulfilling students’ academic and professional ambitions.


In 1986, ESIGETEL, a French private higher education engineering institution, was created by the Melun Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a response to the demand from the growing business sector for IT engineers specialized in IT networks. 

ESIGETEL became an autonomous institution called “École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Informatique et Génie des Télécommunications” in 1988, and was managed by the the Melun Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The school was approved, for the first time, in 1991, by the “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur”, the only official accrediting body in France, to award a Master of Engineering degree.

In 2009, ESIGETEL put in place a two-year integrated post-secondary preparatory class aimed at strengthening the school’s initial post-associate’s degree of engineering curriculum.

At the prompting of the Minister of Higher Education and Research and the CDEFI (Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools), ESIGETEL created an alliance with Efrei, Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies in 2011.


During July 2012, ESIGETEL moved to the residential area of Villejuif town center, in the south of Paris, to share a campus with Efrei. This move was made with the following objectives:

  • to further enhance the school’s visibility at the national and international level
  • to increase ESIGETEL’s accessibility
  • to create a sense of community that displays the power and  effectiveness  of ESIGETEL’s alliance with Efrei
  • to offer more academic options to our students
  • to expand the school’s network of international partners
  • to further enrich student life