Graduate Program

ESIGETEL’s master’s degree is nationally recognized and accredited by CTI, France’s only engineering accrediting board.


  • A two-year program
  • Possibility to complete the master’s program entirely in English
  • 8 to 10 months of paid internships a part of the master’s program

In Esigetel’s master’s program, students choose majors and electives to design a personalized academic path.

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Esigetel’s Majors:

Esigetel’s majors are also accessible to international students joining Esigetel.


Avionics and Space

Radio Communication Systems (UHF, VHF, etc.), Navigation Systems, Geolocation (GPS, etc.), Space Telecom Systems, Radars, Embedded Calculators, Embedded Systems (also used in land and sea transport)


Droids and Drones

Autonomous Systems and their Embedded Intelligence
Droids: Applications in Equipment for Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare (such as assistive and personal care), etc.
Drones: Security Applications, Civilian and Military Surveillance, Transportation of Goods, etc.   


Networks and Virtualization – In English

Networks: Enterprise Solutions (Data Storage, Data Security, Oversight and Quality of Service
Cloud Computing (Virtualization, Dynamic Access Control)
Data Centers (Green Computing, Intelligent Management of Energy)


Renewable Energies and Smart Grids

Smart Grids (Intelligent Networks): Urban Energy Management and Real-time Regional Energy Management
Ensuring in real-time the balance between the supply and demand of energy while maintaining the stability of the distribution network.
A multisource system of renewable energies which can be reinforced, if necessary, by other types of energy.


Information System Architect | Consultant | Business Engineer | Innovation Manager | Entrepreneur | Technical Advisor | International Project Manager | Web Professional


Two internships are included in the master’s program:

  • Technical Internship (first year of master’s program)
    Duration: 4 months minimum starting in the middle of April
    Student-engineers put in practice their IT knowledge and skills
  • Final-year Internship – (second and final year of master’s program)
    Duration: 6 months minimum starting in the middle of February
    This final-year internship gives students the opportunity to take on the full responsibilities of an engineer.