Getting Organized

 What to do before leaving home?


Application and Learning Agreement

Look up details about application procedures at Esigetel and send all your application documents before the deadlines to ESIGETEL’s International Office. Non-degree-seeking students must select courses in the Esigetel course catalogue and ask for approval at their home university before sending their Learning Agreement.


Upon reception of the letter of admission or letter of invitation, apply for a visa and renew your passport if necessary.

Reserving Accommodation

Three months before arrival, complete the accommodation form and return it along with your application in order for Esigetel to reserve a room for you. You may also contact the international advisor to make sure a room has been booked for you. Esigetel will inform students of housing availability and confirm appropriate arrival dates.

Making Travel Arrangements to Paris

Book your flight or your train ticket as soon as you get confirmation of the arrival dates from Esigetel.

Arranging Airport or Train Station Pickup

Esigetel’s International Office provides pick-up service for international students. As soon as you have made your travel arrangements to Paris, email your arrival information to us.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our student volunteers who will drive you to your accommodation.

Health Insurance

  • For EU students, arrange your student health insurance and request the European Health Card (EHIC).

  • Non-EU degree-seeking students must purchase student health insurance in France through Esigetel. Non-EU students coming to Esigetel for a semester only will need to purchase international health insurance in your their country prior to departure.

Medical Checkup

Take advantage of your last months at home to have a complete medical checkup. This simple precaution may help prevent health problems and complications while in France (see your dentist, your ophthalmologist, your gynecologist, etc.).

Credit Card

Check with your bank that your credit card can be used in France.

Other Arrangements Before Leaving Home

Settle all your bills, cancel your phone service and tie all other loose ends