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The Entrepreneurs Spring Fair

Every year, the Entrepreneurs Spring Fair is an opportunity for Esigetel students to spotlight their business projects and receive feedback from experts. Students present their business projects to a panel made up of the school’s management and Esigetel organizations and the entrepreneurs club LE CEDRE. Each presentation is followed by a discussion where the audience gives advice to the future entrepreneur.


Efrei’s Business Incubator

Efrei’s business incubator provides young entrepreneurs a wide range of services and a technically well-equipped facility to assist them in the creation of their companies. It is a place where students can bring ideas and develop projects that integrate innovative technology.
Assistant Professor at the Université d’Evry, Xavier Bouvier is also the entrepreneurial advisor at Groupe Efrei. As such, he is in charge of developing Efrei’s business incubator as well as fostering entrepreneurship.
A graduate of ESSCA Business School, Xavier Bouvier has experience running industrial companies and internet startups, as well as acting as a business consultant. He regularly contributes to the French financial newspaper “Les Echos”. His most recently published books include: “Reprendre une Entreprise” and “Gérer un Comité d’Entreprise”www.Nathan-LesEchos.fr.

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Groupe Efrei and Audencia Nantes Management School, were the original founders of the IES!, a network of business and engineering schools that have come together to put serious investment into business incubation.

The objective of IES! is to articulate the role of responsible young entrepreneurs, as well as developing a frame of reference for good start-up practices and competencies. At Efrei, we believe that it is important that those taking charge of startups have a concrete, well-defined business practice to guide them through their projects with efficiency.