Type and Cost of Accommodation Offered by ESIGETEL to International Students

In Paris, there is a general shortage of accommodation. Most universities do not have on-campus housing and state-funded student halls are in such high demand that it is very difficult for international students to secure a room.

However, international Esigetel students can benefit from the housing service provided by the school if they officially request it.

Esigetel has developed relations with several non-governmental residence halls that are located either in Paris or in the suburbs within reasonable distance from the school.  The placement of our students in these residence halls is based on mutual trust, understanding and respect of a certain number of criteria:


Some of these residences do not accept residents over the age of 24.


In order to promote diversity, the residences in which our students are placed welcome a diverse population (students, young workers and interns). They insist on mixing nationalities, genders and status.


These residences cannot guarantee availability of a specific type of room until one week prior to arrival.

Depending on the residence and on availability, students may be provided with:

  • a single furnished room (approx. 12m²  to 15m²) with a sink
  • a single furnished room with bathroom, shower and sink
  • a double shared room
  • a furnished studio apartment (approx. 25m²) for one or two persons with bathroom, shower and kitchenette
  • a room in a shared apartment

 * Esigetel cannot guarantee the reservation of any specific type of room. 

A single room in a “foyer” costs approximately €380 to €540 (these amounts often include a meal plan).
On average students pay no more than €300 per month for housing once they have been awarded the state-funded accommodation allowance (APL/ALS).


Housing Rules

In order to benefit from Esigetel’s housing service, international students must agree to respect the following rules:

1.   Application Deadline:

Esigetel cannot guarantee housing service to students sending late documents and payments.

2.   Confirmation by ESIGETEL of the Student’s Date of Arrival:

Esigetel will inform students of housing availability and confirm an appropriate arrival date.
Note: students not respecting the arrival date given by Esigetelwill be responsible for finding another form of accommodation between the effective date of their arrival and the date confirmed by Esigetel.

3.   Pick-up Service:

Availability of pick-up service will be confirmed by Esigetel.

4.   Cancellation Policy:

The €400 Esigetel security deposit will be not refunded if the students cancel their request for housing less than a month prior to arrival.

5.   Minimum Length of Stay

According to residence rules, students recommended by Esigetel must stay in the residence for a minimum of 3 months.

6.   Monthly Rent:

Monthly rents are due on the first day of the month. Students must pay a whole month’s rent even if the length of their stay in the first or last month is less than one month.

7.   Residence Registration and Administration Fees:

Costs vary depending on the residence and are non-refundable.

8.   Residence Refundable Deposit:

Students must pay, in advance or upon arrival, a deposit equivalent to approximately one month of rent.  (This fee is different from the Esigetel refundable security deposit requested below).

9.   Housing Insurance and Personal Liability:

Both these insurances are mandatory and must be taken out in France. 

10. Residence Rules:

International students placed by Esigetel must comply strictly with the residence’s rules. 

11. Maintenance of the room:

Students are expected to keep rooms, as well as collective facilities (kitchen, bathrooms) tidy and clean.  The tenants must, upon request, facilitate the access of their room to the residence’s staff. The residences reserve the right to inspect tenants’ rooms on a regular basis.

12. Changing Accommodation:

Students are allowed to move to another accommodation as long as they respect the minimum length of stay and give notice to Esigetel and to the residence within acknowledged deadlines. Esigetel cannot be held responsible for finding another type of accommodation for students wishing to move.

13. Notice of Departure:

Students MUST systematically inform Esigetel’s International Office of their departure date before informing the residence and at least one month in advance.

14. Extension of Stay:

If students wish to extend their reservation, they should inform Esigetel’s International Office ahead of time. There are a limited number of rooms available in each residence and Esigetel must be kept informed of departure dates and possible extensions of stay in order to guarantee housing to future students.


Reserving Accommodation via ESIGETEL

To reserve accommodation via ESIGETEL, students should send the following items 3 months prior to the beginning of an academic period at ESIGETEL.

  • The Housing Application (2 full pages) duly signed and dated
  • €400 ESIGETEL Security Deposit
    • To be paid either with a French bank check, by postal money order or bank transfer to ESIGETEL (transfer fees to be paid by students). This fee is different from the residence refundable deposit.
    • This security deposit will not be refunded if students cancel their request for housing less than a month prior to arrival.
  • Proof of payment (to be sent by post or by email to ESIGETEL, Engineering Institute)

Form to download :

Housing Application



State-Funded Accommodation Allowance

  • All our partner residences have an agreement with the state-funded CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) which allows international students (in the case of a 6-month minimum stay) to apply for an accommodation allowance (APL/ALS) and to get a monthly refund on their rent.
  • The amount of the allowance varies according to the amount of rent paid and personal income (it may cover up to 50% of the rent). For non-European students, the allowance will be granted after the delivery of the residence permit.